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5th Annual Mike Gustin Memorial Golf Classic

Dear Friends & Patrons,

This letter is to inform all our golfers, donors, and volunteers that due to the uncertainty of Covid-19 we are forced to postpone the 5th Mike Gustin Memorial Golf Tournament held August 5, 2020. We waited as long as possible, in hope, that we would see a more significant downturn in the cases, hospitalizations, and deaths and could possibly host a safe socially distanced event but sadly with lots of consideration we decided its best to postpone until 2021.

We all know that Mike would want nothing more than the event to go on but he would never at the expense of a person becoming ill or worse in doing so. As we know, many heart transplant patients, doctors and nurses attend the event and we would never want to put our most vulnerable and frontline workers at risk.

We are so proud to have created this succesful event the last four years. The event has always been about a celebration of Mike’s life, his love for golf, and most importantly his love for giving back. This event every year is the largest single fundraising event supporting the Heartbrothers Foundation to help assist hundreds of heart failure, LVAD, and heart transplant patients from all over the New England region and beyond so its devastating to us all that this event will be postponed.

We understand, like the Heartbrothers Foundation, that many of our economic situations have been altered dramatically and resources are not what they were a year ago. However, as an organization Heartbrothers continues to work hard to support these patients and their families by giving out grants, providing virtual visits, and offering up 73+ volunteers sharing their experiences giving hope to many when life seems so hopeless. We believe we will get through this together and better days are ahead.

Lastly, we would like to thank all the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff, and all frontline workers for all that they do to keep us all safe and healthy. We pray that everyone continues to stay healthy and stay home if you can! If you would like to continue to donate to The Heartbrothers Foundation you can do so by checking out their website at

See you in 2021 ! Stay Healthy Everyone and God Bless!

Sincerely, Anne, Laurie, Katie & Kristine The Heartbrothers Foundation


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