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HeartBrothers Begin Assistance

The HeartBrothers Foundation increased their assistance to patients and families in December. The patients and family members were all being treated by Tufts Medical Center in Boston. The HeartBrothers announced that they assisted six end stage heart failure patients in the month of December. Their assistance was for patient needs including; co-pay gaps, family assistance, lodging and transportation and more.

The patients were all suffering from heart failure, two had received heart transplants, two had LVAD’s and were listed for transplant while the final two were recently listed for transplant. Bob Romer, one of the Founders of the foundation, indicated that they were overwhelmed by the response from the recipients. He said; “most of the grants were for $1000.00 and the patients came to us from our web site, nurses, transplant coordinators, social workers and other volunteers of our organization.”

Mr Romer indicated that they are in a sound position to increase the patient assistance in the first quarter of 2015 and beyond and are currently evaluating patients for assistance. The HeartBrothers didn’t begin helping patients and families until September but have grown rapidly in that quarter and are looking for increased growth throughout 2015 and beyond.


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