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Symptoms of Heart Failure

Heart Failure, also known as, Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) is a progressive condition.  I remember when my husband was first diagnosed with heart failure. Gosh, what is heart failure?  There was no internet as we know it today to look it up.  Supposedly, it was something to do with the heart.  My Grandmother had died from it in her seventies.  I realize now that my husband and I lived in ignorance about his condition for many, many years.  We didn’t recognize the symptoms, because we didn’t know what these symptoms were.  He was sent home at one point with the DASH diet, which was quickly put into desk draw, never to be looked at again.  We didn’t make the connection between his coughing and difficulty breathing to the amount of salt and fluids he consumed.

You don’t want to be ignorant about these symptoms like we were. You should you be telling your doctor about these symptoms.  They can help to minimize these symptoms and improve your quality of life.

So, what are the symptoms of heart failure?  The American Heart Association provides an excellent list as the symptoms, summarized below.


  1. Shortness of breath

  2. Excessive coughing and wheezing

  3. Buildup of excess fluids in body tissue (belly, legs, ankles, etc.)

  4. Tiredness and fatigue

  5. Lack of appetite, nausea

  6. Confusion, impaired thinking

  7. Increased heart rate

Below is also a link to more detail from the American Heart Association:


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