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Interview with HeartBrother Kyree Miller


The American Heart Association finds black Americans are 50% more likely to suffer from heart failure than white Americans. They’re also more likely to die from it. WBUR’s Josie Guarino has the story of one local black man looking to change those statistics.

Kyree Miller needs a new heart.

“I’ve had four open-heart surgeries at this point.”

The 36-year-old Boston man’s heart troubles began as a child. Miller has been on a transplant list for almost a year. Rather than sit idle, he’s been working with the non-profit The HeartBrothers Foundation to encourage other people of color to be their own heart health advocate. Miller thinks more people would do so if there were more cardiologists of color.

“Once you get to see someone who looks like you, therefore it feels like there’s more of a natural understanding.”

Miller says his mission to help others is important, especially during February—Black History Month and American Heart Month.

For 90.9 WBUR, I’m Josie Guarino.


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