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We know all too well how difficult it is to navigate the many challenges of Heart Failure. Since our launch, we have worked hard to create the following array of Heart Failure patient, caregiver, and family resources to assist you in coping with the stress that comes hand-in-hand with Heart Failure diagnosis, daily life, and hospitalization.

We see you. We are you. We are here for you.



Created to Support

Heart Failure Patients & Families

The HeartBrothers hosts numerous programs and events throughout the year to educate and provide a sense of community for Heart Failure patients and their families, increase Heart Failure awareness, and raise funds to support our continued programming for patients and families in need. 

Team HeartBrothers Ambassadors visit patients and families in person or virtually to educate and provide emotional support. Fill out our forms to request a visit or become a Team HeartBrothers volunteer yourself.

HeartBrothers House provides low-cost, gorgeous housing for patients and families during hospital stays and clinic visits.

Our Patient Support Group provides much-needed community through monthly virtual gatherings.

And that's just the beginning of what we offer.
We invite you to explore our programming options, and join us often!

Photos below are HeartBrother patients, families, & supporters.


Financial Support for the Costly Heart Failure Burden

The average heart transplant costs $1.4 million. The average annual Heart Failure patient income is less than $50,000. We know how quickly the costs of lodging, food, transport, parking, and critical travel expenses add up as patients visit clinics or family members stay near those hospitalized.

The HeartBrothers Foundation is proud to provide modest financial assistance to help ease this burden. Requests are thoroughly vetted and need-based. Priority consideration is currently given to patients and families in the Northeast and Southwest.

If lodging is your primary need, please visit HeartBrothers House. Otherwise, click below to submit your request for assistance.

Patient Assistance


Stories to Inspire & Let You Know You Are Not Alone

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Genetic Cardiomyopathy Awareness Consortium Partner

Nearly 50% of all cardiomyopathy cases in the United States are inherited, but only 1% of cardiomyopathy patients get genetically tested.

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