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Heart failure survivors bond to help save others

Bob Romer of Framingham, left, and Pat Sullivan of Northboro, co-founders of the HeartBrothers Foundation, at Sterling Country Club last week. T&G Staff/Christine Hochkeppel

By Carol Costello Correspondent

FRAMINGHAM – The paths of Patrick J. Sullivan, 60, of Northboro, and Robert Romer, 53, of Framingham may never have crossed, but one extraordinary connection catapulted them beyond circumstantial friendship into a lifelong brotherhood. Both men are heart transplant survivors.

Their spiraling journeys through treatment, surgeries and recovery were traumatic not only for themselves, but for their families and friends. As they moved through the many obstacles to survival, the two men pledged to one another that if they ever made it out of the hospital, they would create an organization to help others in similar situations.


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