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Three Transplant Survivors Join HeartBrothers Board of Directors

MARLBOROUGH, Mass. – The HeartBrothers Foundation, a nonprofit supporting thousands of heart failure patients and their families, is expanding its Board of Directors with four new members, including three transplant survivors.

“Over the past eight years, the HeartBrothers Foundation has grown significantly. We are now offering greater financial and emotional support, educational programming, a patient support group and our HeartBrothers House, where patients and families can stay during life-saving treatment,” said Bob Romer, the Foundation’s co-founder. “As we plan for the future, we’re excited to welcome new members who bring real-life experience and additional business acumen to our board.”

The new HeartBrothers Board members include:

Mike Ashworth

...of West Warwick, Rhode Island, received a heart transplant at Tufts Medical Center in Boston in 2015 and joined the HeartBrothers soon after. Ashworth, a retired insurance broker, launched the HeartBrothers’ annual symposium and participated in several webinars, in addition to visiting hundreds of transplant patients in the hospital.

Hamid Mahdavy

...received his heart transplant in 2016 and has been with the HeartBrothers ever since. Diagnosed in college with Left Ventricular Hypertrophy1, Mahdavy lived a relatively normal and even participated in a 100-mile bike ride just before turning 50. About a year later, he developed a severe upper respiratory infection which led to heart complications and, ultimately, a heart transplant.

Mahdavy worked as an account manager for NextEra Energy and lives in Antrim, New Hampshire. He has played a leading role researching and planning webinars and events, and leading the HeartBrothers’ popular Patient Support Group.

Greg Cox a senior associate for Credit Risk Review at Santander Bank in Narragansett, Rhode Island. He developed cardiomyopathy after cancer treatments in childhood and received his new heart in 2016. Cox has been involved in fundraising and events, in addition to visiting heart failure patients at Tufts.

Riley Sullivan the son of co-founder Patrick Sullivan and vice president at BMO Harris Bank in Milwaukee. Riley helped his dad launch the HeartBrothers and has been actively supporting the organization’s fundraising efforts.

“My primary goal for the HeartBrothers is to expand operations,” Riley Sullivan said. “Because I’m well entrenched in the Midwest, I am connecting with influential partners here who are eager to donate and get involved. I’m also working on partnerships with the hospitals here.”

These four will join current board members Dr. David DeNofrio, medical director of Tufts’ Advanced Heart Failure Program; and co-founders Patrick and Leslie Sullivan and Bob and Susan Romer.

About The HeartBrothers Foundation The HeartBrothers Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation dedicated to helping patients and families faced with heart failure, Ventricular Assist Devices, and Heart Transplantation. Its sole mission is to bring resources together to help patients and loved ones survive life with heart failure and all its challenges by offering essential support through medical insurance assistance programs, informative stress-coping resources, and connections to the global heart failure community. Learn more at


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