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HeartBrothers Foundation Invited to the NE Heart Failure and Transplant Conference

The HeartBrothers Foundation wishes to thank Tuft’s Medical Center for inviting us to attend and be the patient panel at the 7th New England Heart Failure and Transplant Network Conference this month. We are blessed to be alive to share our experiences with the top healthcare providers from the regional hospitals in New England and upstate New York.

We met with many friends and supporters of the foundation from our advanced heart failure to transplant journey. We received overwhelming affirmation of our foundation’s mission from the 200+ attendees of the need to fill the gap for advanced heart failure patients and their families around emotional and financial assistance. As a result, many of these healthcare professionals have asked the HeartBrothers Foundation to meet with their patients and families at the regional hospitals this coming year.

Again, thank you to everyone who attended the event! It was a wonderful and truly great experience for us to meet with so many amazing people who provide such compassionate care to their patients!

The HeartBrothers Foundation

P.S. If anyone attending the event has pictures of the patient panel we would so love to get hold of them to post on our website. Please contact us if you do.


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