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5K+ Run/Walk

A thank you message from our Co-Founder, Pat Sullivan:
Congratulations—and much appreciation—to our top fundraisers:
Team: All-American Hearts
Participant: Mylesia Mascolo
Tie on your sneakers & help raise funds for hearts in need during our 1st Annual *Virtual* 5K+ Run/Walk!

Our event takes place over a 7-day period—Sunday, May 7 through Saturday, May 13—to provide a convenient, healthy, and exciting opportunity for the greater Heart Failure community to unite in the common goal of supporting Heart Failure patients in need.


Our virtual event format and short 5K (3.1 Mile) distance make it easy for everyone—no matter athletic ability or geographic location—to participate. Complete the distance anywhere you choose over the 7 days. (*Feel free to split the distance over multiple days.)


Grab your friends and family, register to walk/run for just $30 & start your fundraising using our event platform, get out your favorite fitness app to track your distance, and share the thrill of “crossing the finish line” with hundreds of virtual participants!

Click the VISIT THE EVENT WEBSITE button below to visit our official GiveButter page & register as an individual, create a team, make donations & more. 

Scroll down on this page to find additional resources, downloadable materials, and FAQs.

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If you are participating by yourself, follow these 4 simple steps to get set up.

Team Captains, follow these 4 steps *before* having your teammates sign up.

If you are participating as part of a Team, follow these 4 simple steps to get set up.

Here are 4 easy ways to share your fundraising efforts with your network.

This 8.5 x 11 poster is perfect for printing or for sharing to social media.

Print, pin, & wear our branded bib to capture live Instagrammable moments.

Perfect for inclusion on any printed promotional pieces for easy navigating.

This is the main graphic found on this page and the GiveButter event page.

Need another version of our logo?

Email us!

A square graphic perfect for telling your network to "Support My Steps!"

Need another version of our logo?

Email us!

square graphic perfect for providing your network with the main event details.


We will be adding to this section routinely. Please check back often.

Q: How do I submit my final mileage/distance?​

A: Please take a screenshot with your smartphone of the distance you tracked and share it to social media using the hashtags #heartbrothers5K & #heartfailureawareness to officially "cross the finish line". We'd also love for you to send us any photos you take out on the course while you're completing your mileage & email them to

Q: Is there a minimum fundraising requirement?​

A. Yes. Each individual runner/walker has a minimum fundraising requirement of $280 including the $30 registration fee. This is the equivalent of 10 friends or family members each supporting you with a $25 donation. (To calculate a Team's minimum, simply multiply the # of runners x $280.)

Q: Do I have to participate as part of a team?​

A: No. Individual walkers/runners are absolutely welcome! Click the white VISIT THE EVENT WEBSITE button above and then the red "Register Or Donate" button to complete the $30 registration. You can/should also click the red "HOW TO PARTICIPATE" button above for a downloadable one-sheet on how to get yourself set up for the event.


A. Thanks to constantly improving technology, there are many great apps out there for iPhone and Android users. Our favorite four *free* apps are listed below along with quick links to download onto your smartphone. In addition to tracking your 5K (3.1 Mile) distance, these apps will also track your duration, pace, speed, elevation, calories, and route.

Q: What are the best ways for me to share my participation & progress with my networks?

A. Our event platform GiveButter makes it very easy to get set up as a fundraiser and share your unique fundraising page (or your team's) to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email. In our experience, we have found social media and email are the two best avenues. When sharing to social media, please ensure that you include our two hashtags in your caption: #heartbrothers5k & #heartfailureawareness. And please also tag us on the platform you're using. Our handles are:

QI have questions that weren't answered in this FAQ section. WHat do I do?

A: Please email our event manager Emily Lalone Ianuario at

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