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HeartBrothers 2nd Annual Run/Walk a Success: All American Hearts shine Again

The HeartBrothers 2nd Annual Run/Walk was highly successful, raising more than $28,000 to aid heart failure patients through various HeartBrothers programs like the HeartBrothers House, complimentary Support Groups, peer-to-peer support, and financial grants. The standout moment of the event was for the second year in a row All American Hearts was a top fundraising team, who made a notable impact by raising an outstanding $12,436 over the past two years!

This year, the committed team included Lori Valimont, Emily Mascolo, Jay Valimont Jr., Mylesia Mascolo, Joe Hutnik, and Jen Wood. Their dedication and effort were crucial to the fundraiser's success, positively impacting numerous lives. Find out more in the Q+A session with Mylesia below:

Team All American Hearts standing outside, blue sky, workout gear on... ready to walk.
Team All American Hearts from Connecticut


Q: What is your “why” for doing the HeartBrothers 5k? 

A: My “why” for participating in the HeartBrothers 5k is my dad. We walk in his memory so that we can help the foundation raise the funds it needs to help people and their families affected by heart failure. 

Q: How has heart failure affected your family? 

A: My dad, Jay, battled heart failure for 10 years before he ultimately lost the fight on March 8,2023. 

Man wearing red golf polo and hat with a grin.
Jay Valimont Sr.

Q: Where did your team complete the 5k this year?

A: This year, we walked at Mill Pond Way in Wolcott, CT.  When my dad was active, he used to love to walk the 3.5 mile scenic trail with his mini dachshund, Spike.

Q: What other ways do you raise heart failure awareness? A: We raise awareness by being open about our experiences my dad and our family had. The number of people you talk to that are going through similar experiences is surprising. We always encourage them to make sure that they have the support that they need. 

Q: Will you be walking again next year? 

A: We will absolutely be walking next year. We love everything that HeartBrothers is about and we are happy to support this wonderful organization!

Mylesia, we know Jay is looking down on you with a smile, proud of all the support and awareness you and your team are raising through this event. We're excited for next year, but we can't help but wonder—will anyone ever be able to surpass this high-fundraising team?!


To learn more about our Annual Run/Walk, click HERE.


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