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HFSA Module 3 – Heart Failure Medicines

Module 3:

Heart failure medicines

Many people with heart failure lead normal, active lives. They do so because they have learned to take good care of themselves. You too can take control of heart failure by understanding and carefully following your treatment plan. The Heart Failure Society of America has prepared a series of 11 Modules to help you learn to live successfully with heart failure. This is Module 3.

Heart failure medicines are important in the treatment of heart failure. Research shows that heart failure medicines can help stabilize your heart function.

Medicines can also help you:

  1. Live longer.

  2. Have fewer symptoms.

  3. Breathe more easily.

  4. Have more energy.

  5. Increase your activity level.

  6. Have less swelling.

  7. Stay out of the hospital.

Module 3 provides information on:

  1. The main types of medicines used for heart failure

  2. Common side effects of heart failure medicines.

  3. Other medicines used to treat heart failure.

Module 3 will help you learn about:

  1. What heart failure medicines do.

  2. Why it is important to take all of your medicines regularly.

  3. How to manage common side effects of your medicines.


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Content provided with permission from the Heart Failure Society of America.


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