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Surviving a Long Hospital Stay

If someone had told you that you are going to spend almost 12 months in the hospital, your first reaction would be to say “NO WAY!” I think I would have been tempted to jump off a bridge. We have all heard the horror stories about hospital stays, stories of countless painful surgeries and procedures, and not knowing if you will see the next day. Yes, you would be telling people that you would rather die than go through the ordeal. I did, but talk is easy.

Well after all said and done, it just wasn’t as bad as you would think. When I couldn’t leave my room, my wife suggested that I call out to other patients walking by my room as they got their “exercise” with their IV poles in tow. They appreciated the opportunity to converse with another patient like them. Fortunately, I became one of those patients over time and was able to get around. I would visit other patients and we would share war stories, our individual plights, and our hopes.

Yes, the human spirit has tremendous healing power and our hopes of survival are contagious. We would talk of family, current events or what ever else to help pass the time, maybe an occasional opinion of a particular doctor or nurse, all good you understand. Many of these friends have become lifelong friends.

Coming from a large family, I saw more of some of my family members than I had in years. We were able to ignite the bonds of our childhood, strengthening our relationships. I reunited with friends from long ago, friends that I did not realized how much I missed until they reappeared during my time of need. My love for my wife shot to new heights. She was always there for me, making me laugh and smile. Even though this time was the most difficult time in our lives, it was one of the best times of our lives as we renewed our love for each other. One of the most special part of my stay were the hospital staff, the nurses, technicians, food providers, and doctors. They were all kind, compassionate, and very professional. They became great companions, and friends. They cared and fought as hard for your life as I did.

So the time wasn’t as bad as one would think, and it was almost a little sad when I had to leave. I had gone through so many ups and downs with these people. It felt like when you graduated from high school and are saying goodbye to all your classmates, yet this time, with a second chance to achieve my new hopes and dreams.



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