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After 2nd Heart Transplant, Mark Cibulski Is Ready To Play Ball...

Mark Cibulski is training to take the field this baseball season, just a few months after receiving his second heart transplant in four years.

“I’m back to the gym five days a week,” said 38-year-old Cibulski, who coaches and plays outfield for the Lowell Angels, an amateur team. “I do everything. I lift weights, I do cardio. At eight weeks out, I was already back in the batting cages practicing with my team.”

In August 2018, doctors told Mark his lingering flu symptoms were actually Stage 4 Heart Failure. He received his first new heart in December 2019. But his condition didn’t improve that much.

“They discovered scar tissue around the heart and there was a disease where the arteries were shrinking. I was really fatigued a lot, taking naps every day. While playing baseball, it was tough to run. By the time I’d get to first base, I’d feel like I was going to collapse.”

“I went from Friday night playing in the outfield to Monday night being in the hospital, needing a new heart. I knew I was having issues, but I didn’t know I needed a new heart. I was kind of shocked.”

Mark waited 60 days in the hospital for the right heart to become available. His surgery and recovery went well.

“Right now, I feel better than I have in five years and it’s only three months out. I feel younger. I feel like I play better on the field. I turned back the clock a little bit. I’m already running sprints.”

How did he recover so quickly?

“I stay consistent going to the gym without missing any days and not getting lazy. I eat a lot better. I drink protein shakes every day.”

“I still have stuff to prove on the field,” Cibulski added. “I want to be that guy who does it and shows others that they can.”

You can follow Mark and his story on Instagram: @fishwithheart.


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