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2nd Annual Team HeartBrothers Meeting A Success!

Thursday, November 3rd and Friday, November 4th marked our 2nd Annual Team HeartBrothers Meeting. A special thanks goes out to our sponsors–CareDx, Inc. and Cytokinetics, Inc.–for making this meeting possible. Heart Failure effects 6.4 million people in North America and our growing team (now with 22 members!) spent the two days training how to provide the best compassionate care to Heart Failure, LVAD and Transplant patients across New England and Upstate New York.

Team HeartBrothers 2016

CareDx, Inc., who spoke about the use of genomics (ALLOMAP) as an alternative to heart biopsies (which are, by their nature, invasive and dangerous); by Jim Taricani, a 20-year+ heart transplant survivor, who spoke about life after a transplant and how exercise, meditation, and diet are the keys to his longevity; and Peter Moran, PhD, who spoke about how to best approach HF patients, how to have positive communication with them, and how each member of Team HeartBrothers, individually, can help them through their journey via personal experience with the transplant process.

The Team also dedicated time to brainstorming about new avenues for fundraising and the HeartBrothers Foundations’ future plans–in 2017 and beyond–including a 3-year capital campaign to raise funds for a HeartBrothers House in Boston, MA, for the families of HF patients.




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