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5 Simple Tips to Maintain Your Well-Being

Your loved one is your main concern right now, and it will not help them if you become sick. For this reason, you need to take care of yourself. The following are ideas to help you stay well:

1. Eat three meals a day. It may be hard to eat if your loved one cannot, but remind yourself of why you need to eat…to stay strong.

2. Get adequate rest. Some chores might not get done or there may be someone who would help if you let them know how. Can someone else shop for groceries or sweep up? Things probably won’t be done perfectly now, anyway, so let others help.

3. Get outside for a few minutes every day. Twenty minutes in the fresh air will do wonders for your mood. Even better if someone goes with you. You will return to your loved one refreshed.

4. Talk honestly about how you are feeling. Good or bad, it helps to let some other person know what you are thinking and feeling. Choose wisely. It needs to be someone who is not critical of you. Support is what you need now.

5. Find some type of recreation. If you have a hobby, try to get to it at least twice a week. See a movie. Bowl. Golf. Do something different if you can.


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