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Heart of the Deal Game Night

Our 1st Heart of the Deal Game Night was great fun for all – and successful in laying the groundwork for us to hold future Game Nights in 2018 and beyond.

We had more than 100 attendees – including all four Heart Failure (HF) centers in Boston. We are beyond pleased to hear that many attendees will now become an organ donor (of those who aren’t already) and all are more aware of who the HeartBrothers is and that we are here to help the tens of thousands of affected patients in New England and beyond.

A huge thank you to Erica McDermott for being our amazing gameshow host and to Deyven Ferreras–our youngest Team HeartBrother–for sharing his HF story and road to recovery.

A special thanks to our our event sponsors-Novartis and Today’s Collision-for making this event possible.


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