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HeartBrothers Foundation Sells Out Muse Paint Bar Fundraiser

March 29, 2016 — (Foxboro, Mass.) — On Saturday, March 19th we held a “paint party” fundraiser at Muse Patriot Place in Foxboro, Mass., with great success.

“It was a complete sellout!” declared Heather Cote, event organizer and Foundation advisory board member. “We weren’t sure initially how it would turn out, but everyone had a great time and we’ll be turning this into an annual event moving forward.”

“We exceeded our fundraising expectations by a long shotraising $3,000,” said Bob Romer, co-founder of the Foundation. “Heather and the other volunteers did an incredible job to make this event such a huge success. We can’t thank her enough for all she’s done. The funds raised at the party will go directly towards helping local needy heart failure patients and their loved ones.”

The indications for the event being a success surfaced when a waiting list to attend formed a full month before the event. “I expected to be embarrassed with my lack of painting prowess but my piece came out much better than I expected thanks to the artists at Muse. I cannot wait to come to the next one,” stated Linda Ordway, Foundation supporter and first-time painter, “it was so much fun for such a great cause!”

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