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Tell Your Doctor the Truth

You are probably thinking – duh, of course! However, most of us have intentionally or unintentionally lied to our doctor. Tell the truth, have you gone for your physical and not told them the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Or have you forgotten about something that’s been bothering you, but like a car with a mechanic “that noise isn’t there now” syndrome, you remember it 5 miles away from the office? I bet you have! I have and guess what they already know you lie to them sometimes.

We lie sometimes because it’s an embarrassing subject, which is somewhat understandable.  But other times it’s out of fear of the answer or prognosis. It’s almost impossible to know what’s what with all the drug ad for diseases we didn’t even know existed, drugs with twice the potential side effects than benefits. In today’s internet age, many of us have the tendency to self-diagnose. Most of us have gone online, searched a particular symptom and potential accompanying illness, and get scared enough to either lose a night’s sleep or call for a doctor’s appointment expecting a certain diagnosis before the doctor has his say. If you haven’t then you are probably in the minority.

I have found that I am a poor diagnostician and I have learned over time not go online until after I have seen the doctor. These professionals went to medical school for a long time and most of them really know their stuff.  So I urge you to tell them everything, even if you think it may be related to nothing.  It may be the clue that unlocks the riddle of your particular malady. The best thing to do when seeing your physician is to write down all those things that are bothering you and hand them the list, so each item is there in black and white and can be checked off. It may also be easier for your doctor to get a better grasp of what’s going on and make a quicker diagnosis.

Believe me, if you do this one simple step, you will be much happier knowing that all your concerns were looked at, discussed and remedied.

Peace, Pj


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