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WEBINAR: New Organ Care System

A Game-Changer for Heart Failure Patients

We shared life-saving information for people awaiting organ transplants Thursday, Oct. 6, when TransMedics discussed its new Organ Care System network during our Heart Failure webinar.

HeartBrothers Board member Hamid Mahdavy says TransMedics, a longtime organizational sponsor, is giving new hope to patients. “This is a game changer for the thousands of people waiting for new hearts.”

TransMedics developed Organ Care Systems for hearts, lungs and livers that keep those organs functioning for longer times and treats them with medications so they are in the very best condition for transplantation.

Now, TransMedics has created a national network of 16 “launching points” which deploys teams of cardio-thoracic surgeons and clinical specialists to procure donor organs, treat them, and deliver them to hospitals anywhere in the country.

“We are removing barriers of time and distance, as well as logistical and resource-dependent barriers, and making more organs available for patients waiting for transplants,” said Dr. Tamer Khayal, TransMedics Chief Commercial Officer.

More than 64 million people suffer from heart failure worldwide, including 6.2 million adults in America.


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