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Two HeartBrothers On Ice at Boston Bruins

Bruins “Heart Health Night” 2018

Greg Cox & Greg Hampton Intermission Highlight

We were beyond thrilled to hear that Tufts Medical Center’s Heart Transplant team gifted two of our HeartBrothers – Greg Cox and Greg Hampton – the chance to bring their families on ice during second intermission at the Boston Bruins’ annual “Heart Health Night” this year for a fun shoot-out. As Tufts MC (along with the American Heart Association) was a game sponsor, they wanted fans to see just how much life these two guys have thanks to their new hearts …and the overwhelming love and support they have from their families.

Here are some great photos of the night. (As for who won the shoot-out?  …….”Greg” did.=))

The Cox Family, with Blades and Michaela Johnson


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