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You Beat The Odds – ENJOY!

Heart - Twigs

By: Pat Sullivan (Co-Founder)

March 8, 2017

To all the Heart Transplant survivors out there:

Close your eyes and remember the time before your transplant. Remember just how sick you were.

NOW try to say, “I’m having a terrible day today.”


I try to start my days by saying, “Thank you, Scotty (my donor). Let’s go do some good with your heart today.”

When I do this I rarely get stuck in the doldrums of having an offbeat day.

Try it! …Today. …Tomorrow. …The next day.

It never hurts to say thank you to the person who gave you a second chance at life.

We are all living proof that miracles do happen.

We are the positive reminder to those who need help getting out of their own way today.

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