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Friendly Feud Game Night Postponed to 2021

Friendly Feud Postponed

The HeartBrothers Foundation is postponing its second annual “FRIENDLY FEUD” night. This light-hearted, laughter-filled game night is something we think the world needs right now but due to the uncertainties of Covid-19 we cannot put our friends, families, doctors, nurses, front-line workers and loved ones at risk.

Last year was our first year to host this event and we were thrilled with the outcome. We were able to generate over $50,000 to support HF, LVAD, and transplant patients across the nation! We would like to give a big round of applause to the dedicated doctors, sponsors and YOU for making the event such a success. We are very excited for round two next year.

Times are uncertain for everyone due to Covid-19 but for those with HF, LVAD, or a transplant, times are not just uncertain… they are downright SCARY. The need for assistance has not dwindled–the need has INCREASED. Now more than ever the HeartBrothers need YOUR help.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? Right now, a monetary donation is the best way to support The HeartBrothers Foundation. This enables us to continue to meet the ever-changing needs of our heart failure community. Another way to help is to simply stay connected with us on Facebook by “liking” and “sharing” our posts.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We look forward to having this event safely next year with you all!


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